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ICA Chief Executive, Alan Mason, said that the experience of the recent spate of natural disasters made it essential to have an updated, more effective coordinating body for the insurance industry: property valuation Perth cost and The aim is to bring an increased awareness of everyone’s role during natural disasters so that when a disaster does strike, we are all better equipped to deal with it.

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One of the basic problems of coping with natural disasters is looking after the needs of a community emotionally affected by the disaster,It is imperative to have a coordinated government-industry mechanism to provide the best possible response and recovery service for these people, who may have lost all their possessions or don’t want to leave their homes.

IDRO National Coordinator, Chris Henri, said that the IDRO would provide a single point of contact in each State and Territory not only for government and the media but also to assist policyholders affected by the disaster:This may be by providing information on how to lodge a claim; giving general assistance and advice to those with possible insurance claims, and helping policyholders to identify their insurance company if they have not been able to do so themselves. Mr. Henri said the IDRO would also maintain statistics on the costs to insurers and provide information on natural disasters to governments, the media, and other interested parties. With another Australian summer of potential cyclones, storms, and bushfires ahead, the Insurance Disaster Response Organisation (IDRO) has added an important dimension to its services with a newly established website.

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